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VRoidSTYLE vol.2 - Hair Catalog for a Cuteness Boost! & Tips and Tricks to Create Hair Items

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This month’s issue of VRoidSTYLE, a web magazine to support VRoid fashion, is titled “Hair Catalog for a Cuteness Boost!” and introduces a wide variety of hair items. We also asked creators for some tips and tricks for creating hair items. Well then, are you gonna spruce up your hairstyle? Change your hair color? Play with hair accessories? A new year is a new beginning: start 2021 with a brand new hairstyle!

What is “VRoidSTYLE”?

It’s a VRoid fashion support project for fashion creators and lovers. This is a project to support VRoid fashion, introducing creators’ work, interviews, and ideas to make fashion, hair, and make-up more fun. A new issue will be available monthly until next spring, both on the official website and in the e-mail newsletter!

Try out different hairstyles! Braids, buns, ponytails…

Hair can be arranged in endless ways! Using real hairstyles as a reference is always a good idea. Another good tip is to create an effortless effect using baby hair.


Upper left: VRoid Hair presets - Girly braids/VRoid Hair presets ガーリーおさげ
~Starry Sea~☆彡/KOKONE
“I created this hairstyle so that it looks soft and fluffy. I create guides that spread in all directions, and I am careful to add roundness and movement to the hair. I’m doing my best to create designs that people think are cute.”

Upper right:[VRoid hair preset] Princess ponytail/【vroidヘアプリセット】お嬢様ポニーテール
“Since symmetrical hairstyles look a bit unnatural, I think it’s important to avoid using mirroring as much as possible (when I do, I change it up later) and to scatter fine hairs in different places to give the hairstyle a natural look.”

Bottom left:[VRoid hair preset] Twin buns/【VRoidヘアプリセット】ツインおだんご
“I want people who don’t have access to external tools to enjoy creative activities and self-expression with VRoid models, so I create hairstyles and hair textures that can be easily arranged only with VRoid Studio.”

Bottom right:[VRoid hair preset] Cat ear angled bob/【VRoid ヘアプリセット】猫耳角ボブ
“I’m using VRoid to create hair arrangements that aren’t feasible in real life for various reasons. When I’m not sure how to create them, I refer to hairstyle presets of similar styles. For the ‘cat ear angled bob’ I used a variety of bun hairstyles as references.”


Left:◆VRoid hair preset - Ponytails with ringlet curls◆/◆Vroid用ヘアプリセット ツイン縦ロール◆
Chocolat Ruban/蜷川加乃
“I often look at my hairstyles from different directions to make sure the volume and silhouette are intact. When I can’t fill in the gaps between the hairs, the trick is to create new guides to fill in the gaps instead of trying to do it with a single guide.”

Right:[VRoid hair preset] Soft ponytails/【VRoidヘアプリセット】ふんわりツインテール
“The hair is sculpted from the bottom of the head instead of the top, which makes the hairstyle look similar to an illustration. I added a few stray hairs to the back of the head and to the ponytails to add movement.”

A new start for your hair and your mind! Short hairstyles

Short hair looks good in the winter, when clothes are heavy and dark! Short hairstyles are perfect if combined with items that have volume around the neck such as turtlenecks and scarves.


Left:[VRoid] Short hair preset/[VRoid] Short hair Preset - プリセット
arinvern Shop/arinvern
“To create hairstyles and textures, I am often inspired by people that I see in my everyday life, TV or games. I try to recreate things I liked in VRoid Studio. First, I sketch and modify it until I like the result, usually completely different from the initial design.”

center:[VRoid] Shaggy short hair [hair preset]/【VRoid】シャギーショート【ヘアプリセット】
“When I make hairstyles, I keep a correspondence table so that I can avoid making the same shape twice (e.g. straight hair + straight fringe). I think it’s a matter of looking at the hairstyle from different angles after I think it’s finished and adjusting it to the point where I think it looks good.”

Right:VRoid hair presets - bob with straight fringe/VRoid Hair presets ぱっつんボブ
~Starry Sea~☆彡/KOKONE


Left:[VRoid hair preset] Bob with little-devil-style flipped up ends/【VRoid用ヘアプリセット】小悪魔系外ハネショート
“I tried to make the hair silhouette look cute. Also, after creating this hair set, I was able to understand the relationship between width and offset for hair textures, which really expanded my range of expression!”

Right:Vroid | Hair preset no.6 - Soft, wavy haircut/Vroid | ヘアプリセット 第六弾 ふんわりウェーブカット
“I tried expressing the perm on the model’s hair using textures, but the overall hairstyle is quite simple. I hope people who purchase this hairstyle will have an easy time customizing it to their liking.”

Change your style with colors and accessories

If you want to enjoy your current hairstyle a little longer, but you still want to change it up a bit, why not try out some new textures and accessories?


Left:[Free] VRoid hair texture - Overlay it to change hair color/【無料】オーバーレイで色変えできるVRoid髪の毛テクスチャ

Right:A collection of VRoid hair textures for everybody/誰得なVRoid用髪テクスチャ集
“When I’m creating hair textures, I try to draw lines around the outline and the center of the of the hair tufts, so that a single tuft looks like a several tufts.”


Left:Fluffy hat and collar - Hair preset/ふわふわ帽子&襟ヘアプリセット
“I’m having a lot of fun making accessories and trying to see if I can recreate them with VRoid’s hair.”

Right:Winter hair accessories/ウィンターヘアアクセ
“I think the beauty of VRoid is that you can easily enjoy dressing up your avatars, so I thought it would be good to have accessories that match the seasons and I created this. I’d like to expand my range of fashion beyond just clothes.”

Don’t miss out on men’s hair!


Left:VRoid hair presets/VRoid用ヘアプリセット
“I don’t know if you could call it a trick, but I divide my hair into parts. For bangs, I tend to divide them into about three parts. I use one or two large tufts to represent each part, and I add more fine hairs to create an effortless look.”

Right:VRoid hair presety/VRoid用ヘアプリセット


Left:Short hair with mesh and flipped up ends (unisex) VRoid hair preset/外ハネマッシュショート<アレンジ>(男女兼用) VRoid用ヘアプリセット
“I created this hairstyle so that it would look cool from any angle. The trick to creating voluminous, bouncy hair is to divide the guides into small sections as if you were building the hair up from the bottom layer. I also use a lot of mirroring!”

center:[Hair preset] Undercut [VRoid men’s hairstyle]/【ヘアプリセット】ツーブロック【男性VRoid向け】
Dust en/ふじさき あくた
“I often create hairstyles for male models, and when the hair is short, I try to create a three-dimensional effect by layering guides. I recommend using a combination of procedural hairs for areas that don’t stand out so much and hand-drawn hairs for more intricate areas.”

Right:Hair [VRoid: Hair preset || For men - VRoid Hair for Guy Front Straight Cut Hair/Hair 【Vroid】ヘアプリセット || 男性 VRoid Hair for Guy Front Straight Cut ヘア
Ren Midford/renmidford
“I love drawing hair so much, especially long hair. I’m always playing with my own hair in the mirror, and always come up with ideas for my work after playing with my hair.
When Imake my work, I always keep in mind to draw strands of hair in between other hair to make it look flawless.”


Reader’s Corner: My #VRoidSTYLE

Express your own #VRoidSTYLE! In this section, we are looking for YOUR photos showing off VRoid fashion items or outfits. Some of them may be featured in this very corner in the future!

Theme: Cozy and cute winter fashion

We received many applications. Thank you for joining this corner.

① Item category


Reindeer-inspired outfit/トナカイっぽいコーデセット

Christmas costume set/クリスマスコスチュームセット

Oversized chester coat - VRoid texture/オーバーサイズチェスターコート VRoid texture

[VRoid Costume] High lace-up boots (with tights)/【VRoid衣装】編上げロングブーツ(タイツ付き)

② Outfit category


Click here for works
【無料版あり】ニットカーディガンコーデセット - 五月雨服庫
[VRoid]無料版有 チェックハイカットスニーカー - saintc acrium

Click here for works
【無償版あり】VRoid秋のお洋服着回しテクスチャセット - piriod
【無料】ビッグシルエットライダース【VRoid】 - すなどり倉庫
【VRoid/無料版有】ミニタイトスカート 8種セット+α - ハユル イメージ リミテッド
Saku*saku カラータイツ - 蒼空の下の市場 BOOTH店/aozora no sita no sijou
【VRoid用ショートブーツ】『ワンピース用テクスチャ』 - fukuma

Click here for works
【VRoid】ウェーブセミロング【ヘアプリセット】 - やまろん製作所
【VRoid】秋冬の私服コーデ【セルルック対応】 - ワンダホの店(wonderfulp store)
【VRoid用】縦縞セーター - Muaccaブース
[VRoid]オーバーサイズニット + タータンチェックスカートコーデセット - #vear_clothes
【VRoid用】新黒タイツ - Miketsubaのお店
【無料】スポーティサンダル・スニーカー【VRoid】 - すなどり倉庫

Click here for works
【VRoid用】縦縞セーター - Muaccaブース
【無料】ロングコートで秋服コーデ5品×3色セット - 五月雨服庫
【#VRoid】ムートンブーツ(4色セット) - カフェイン同盟

Next time’s theme is…Theme: A new hairstyle!

This time, the theme is hair! Fashionable people can’t neglect out their hair and makeup, right? Share your favorite hairstyles with us!

① Item category

  • Register your item to BOOTH with the #VRoidSTYLE tag.
  • You may also add the tags to items you have uploaded in the past.
  • The item must be created by you.
  • The item can be available both for free or for a fee.

② Before/after category

  • Post a photo before and after changing your avatar’s hairstyle on Twitter or VRoid Hub with the hashtag #VRoidSTYLE.
  • You can post both your own work and photos created with hair items by other creators.
  • Add credits to your work so that we can introduce the items used in the photo.

Deadline: January 10 (Sun)

If you submit your photo after the deadline has passed, we may still be able to feature in a future issue.

  • Please note that this section may be published on an irregular basis for space reasons.
  • The number of categories and works to be introduced is limited.

The next issue is scheduled to be released on January 20th (Wed). Stay tuned!

< Works used in the image >

外ハネマッシュショート<アレンジ>(男女兼用) VRoid用ヘアプリセット



VRoid Hair presets ガーリーおさげ
 ~Starry Sea~☆彡/KOKONE

◆Vroid用ヘアプリセット ツイン縦ロール◆
 Chocolat Ruban/蜷川加乃

Vroid | ヘアプリセット 第六弾 ふんわりウェーブカット


※The product name was originally translated by the editorial department.