A 3D character maker that lets you use your imagination
to easily create your own original characters.

Creating 3D characters is as simple as drawing

The hair designing feature lets you model hair with the tip of your pen. Give them volume and movement

Simply draw hair bundles with the pen tool and adjust the parameters to swiftly model your character's hairstyle. Add hair sway thanks to the intuitive bone settings.

Use the pressure-sensitive pen tool to draw textures just as you like

The texture editing feature is compatible with pressure sensitivity, and you can even create layers. You can draw both on your 3D model directly or in UV mode and see the changes in real time.

The characters' face and body features can be easily optimized with sliders

The eyes, face, and body parts that give a character their personality can all be freely combined and adjusted. Various facial expression sets such as emotions and eye blinks are automatically generated in models you create.

VRoid Studio Beta v0.14.0

About this version/Release history

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Notes on upgrading from VRoid Studio v0.8.3 or earlier on Windows.

* Character data may be subject to changes during the Beta period. Note that some characters' looks may change with the update to the latest version and that you may not be able to import some characters from an earlier version. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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