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VRoidSTYLE vol.3 - Interviewing 5 VRoid Fashion Brands

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This month’s issue of VRoidSTYLE, a web magazine to support VRoid fashion, is about brands. We interviewed 5 VRoid fashion brands that have developed their own unique style and some incredible items. What is the concept behind your favorite shops? Where do they get their ideas? What do their workspaces look like? These interviews will answer all these questions and more! We are sure you will find some useful tips for your own creations.

What is “VRoidSTYLE”?
It’s a VRoid fashion support project for fashion creators and lovers. This is a project to support VRoid fashion, introducing creators’ work, interviews, and ideas to make fashion, hair, and make-up more fun. A new issue will be available monthly until this spring, both on the official website and in the e-mail newsletter!

“Adding color to the virtual world”A worldview that has been carefully crafted


Creator: YUHEI

■Brand & Shop Concept
YUHEI is a brand that was established with the idea of creating products that add color to everyone’s daily lives. I hope that the items I have designed will be a catalyst for everyone who wants to take a ride in the virtual world and will add color to your life.

■Running the Brand/Shop & Creating Items
My aim is to create a chemical reaction between the product and everybody’s avatars, and I try to create designs and textures that can suit any type of character. I always choose thumbnail images and product names carefully to convey this concept. You can also buy multiple items as a set, or combine them with different series, so you will surely have fun creating new outfits with the brand’s lineup.
Characters are the stars of the show! I would be happy to help you make the time you spend with your avatars even more enjoyable and exciting.

■Favorite Products & the Story Behind Them

Left: [Black] tactical collection “Forefront” [VRoid]
6 items, 30 parts x 4 colors (black, khaki, beige, white)
The design is simple, but with great attention to detail. You can mix and match the parts for lots of different looks!

Right: [VRoid] Amphibious_Activewear [texture+VRM]
These items are not only perfect for outdoor activities in the ocean and mountain, but they can be combined with other YUHEI series like “Forefront” and “NEKOMIMI BEAT HEADPHONE” and used for club events and more!

■Everyday Workspace
Workspace: OS Windows 10, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, Intuos Pro pen tablet
I sketch VRoid costume textures in VRoid Studio and retouch them in Photoshop.

■VRoid Studio Tips & Tricks
I always try to handle the edges of textures (joints and texture drawing) carefully.

■Final Message
I’ll be releasing new items in 2021! I’m also working on some clothes for VRoid Mobile, so be sure to check them out!

High-sensitivity real clothes following real-life trends
BRAND INTERVIEW 2: #vear_clothes


Creator: 渡辺秋穂

■Brand & Shop Concept
The word “vear” combines “virtual” and “wear”. Just like real apparel brands, we offer many fashion items with realistic designs, with the concept of “transcending the barrier between reality and the virtual world through fashion”.

■Running the Brand/Shop & Creating Items
As for coming up with ideas, I basically create clothes that I would like to wear myself, so I try to come up with pieces that I would like to own in real life. In terms of design, I try to incorporate seasonal fashion and trends by reading fashion magazines and visiting apparel stores to keep up with real-life fashionistas. I also try to create my clothes with as much structure as possible so that they wouldn’t fall apart in real life.

■Favorite Products & the Story Behind Them

Left: [VRoid] Cocoon Chesterfield Coat 7 Colors Set/[VRoid]コクーンチェスターコート7色セット
I have made two coats in the past, but I wanted to make one that could be worn more casually. Actually, this is the first item I made after getting a LCD pen tablet, and I think the quality is higher than the others I made.

Right: [VRoid] Simple Line Sneakers 3 Colors + Colored Shoelaces 10 Colors Set/[VRoid]シンプルラインスニーカー3色+カラー靴紐10色セット
This item is a direct result of my own wish for a versatile shoe that can be worn with any outfit. The sneakers come in monotone colors so as not to make too much of a statement, but they include shoelaces in 10 different colors that can be used to create a unique look.

■Everyday Workspace
OS: macOS Catalina
Painting software: Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO
LCD tablet: HUION Kamvas Pro12

■VRoid Studio Tips & Tricks
I decide the shape of the costume in VRoid Studio and then I use painting software to make a more detailed drawing. In order to avoid misalignment of the joints, I’m especially cautious about the neck area and other parts where the UV joints are a bit complicated.

■Final Message
Vear Clothes is planning to expand its lineup this year for those who want to enjoy virtual clothes based on real life fashion. I’ll be exhibiting at NEOKET at the end of the month and I hope to see you all there!

Enjoy the freedom of wearing cute clothes and accessories
BRAND INTERVIEW 3: Machina Store (まきなストア)


Shop: まきなストア
Creator: まきな

■Brand & Shop Concept
Rather than clothes to wear on special occasions, I like creating clothes that can make going out in the virtual world a little more fun! Other products include glasses, hair accessories, and other educational items that beginner to intermediate VRoid users can enjoy making themselves.

■Running the Brand/Shop & Creating Items
I’m the type of person who can’t really get their ideas straight unless I have a clear idea of who will wear the clothes, so I tend to create a precise target before I start designing. For example, “clothes I would like to wear myself”, or “clothes that would look good on our store models”. Then, I design the products and adjust them for final sale.
I sell each color variation separately and use the sales figures to get an idea of the demand for each color, which I use as a reference for the future. I always try to predict which colors will be available before putting an item on sale.

■Favorite Products & the Story Behind Them

Left: Fresh Lemon-print Dress/さわやかレモン柄ワンピース
The pattern is all hand-painted, and the lemons are placed one by one in a rhythmic manner so that the final effect doesn’t look too much like a plain pattern. I tried to keep this dress neat and clean while exposing just the right amount of skin, so I think it’s an item that can be worn by girls and women alike.

Right: Retro Round Glasses/レトロ丸眼鏡
I wanted a simple pair of round glasses that would go with anything, either vintage or sporty. The eyes tend to determine the overall aura of a 3D model, so I wanted to make sure to create a high-quality item by focusing on the metallic feel of the texture in Photoshop.

■Everyday Workspace
Win10, PhotoshopCC, Clip Studio Paint (iPad version)

■VRoid Studio Tips & Tricks
I found that I could use the S key when creating hair and hair accessories to reduce the number of control points (blue-gray points for fine-tuning curves) in the hair, which made my creative process way smoother!

■Final Message
I would like to keep creating clothes that make everyday life in the virtual world more fun, and to make even nicer items with VRoid! I’m also planning to start accepting requests for future textures, so let me know if you’re interested.

Make your character a character in the story
BRAND INTERVIEW 4: ワンダホの店(Wonderfulp Store)

ワンダホの店(wonderfulp store)

Shop: ワンダホの店(wonderfulp store)
Creator: ワンダホ

■Brand & Shop Concept
I sell clothes and avatars with an anime look. I’d like to say that my best feature is that you never predict what kind of items will come next… but I truly admire stores that have a sense of unity in their clothing genres.

■Running the Brand/Shop & Creating Items
In order to make the characters wearing my clothes look more lively, I make sure that their expressions and poses match the costumes. With my brand, I want to make it possible for anime-like avatars to enjoy VRoid fashion. To add that extra touch to my shop images, once I create them I let them rest overnight and look at them with new eyes on the next day. This is a good way to notice small flaws.

■Favorite Products & the Story Behind Them

Left: [VRoid] Fantasy RPG Equipment Set/【VRoid】ファンタジーRPG装備セット
I wanted to make this costume both functional and cute. I focused on creating a memorable silhouette that also works well with thinner materials such as the harness and hanging clothes. The cat accessory pinned to the neckline is a personal favorite. (ΦωΦ)ゞ

Right: [VRoid] Tactical Cyber Military Set [Cell-shaded]/【VRoid】タクティカルサイバーミリタリーセット【セルルック対応】
I thought adding kanji characters to my clothes might make them popular among international VRoid fans. My idea was right! I almost screamed when I received an inquiry from someone living outside Japan, saying “This thing doesn’t include the 3D model, what the heck!?”

■Everyday Workspace
I draw with a mouse on Windows, using CLIP STUDIO, Photoshop, and GIMP.

■VRoid Studio Tips & Tricks
Creating anime-style fashion means reducing the items’ color information, so I always try to give them a three-dimensional feel without making them look cheap, and to reduce the number of plain surfaces as much as possible.

■Final Message
I’m currently researching how to use VRoid Studio to draw manga quickly. If I use 3D models, I should be able to draw about 20 pages in a day or two. I’ll be happy to share my findings about VRoid manga with you in the future.

Unisex street fashion is all the rage
BRAND INTERVIEW 5:Sunadori Sōko (すなどり倉庫)


Shop: すなどり倉庫
Creator: 砂鳥れん

■Brand & Shop Concept
The brand features simple, casual items that are perfect for your everyday life. I make what I would like to own myself, so many of the items are based on the street style that I like.

■Running the Brand/Shop & Creating Items
I rarely decide on a concept before starting to make my clothes; I’d rather create what comes to mind when I think of something I’d like to wear myself, of something I’d like to make. I’m mindful about the texture of some of the details, which should stand out against the simple nature of the clothes. Lately, I’ve been creating items in a wider variety of colors so that people can enjoy mixing and matching them with other clothes.

■Favorite Products & the Story Behind Them

Left: [Free] Big Silhouette Riders [VRoid]/【無料】ビッグシルエットライダース【VRoid】
This is the item for which I paid the most attention to texture. It was hard to recreate the leather-like texture, so I used some photos as a reference. I especially like the collar part.

Right: [VRoid] Nazca Outfit Set
The Nazca Outfit Set is the only item I made with a solid design in mind. It was designed to look cool, and a bit strong as well. What I like the most about this full-body outfit is the texture of the buckled belt.

■Everyday Workspace
I use Paint Tool SAI. First, I draw the line art and add rough shading on VRoid, and then I use SAI to clean up the image.

■VRoid Studio Tips & Tricks
When drawing textures, distortions and misalignments are commonplace, so I always go back and forth between the painting software and VRoid to make fine adjustments.

■Final Message
I will continue to create new pieces of clothing at my own pace, whenever I feel like making more. Thank you for your support.


Reader’s Corner: My #VRoidSTYLE

Express your own #VRoidSTYLE! In this section, we are looking for YOUR photos showing off VRoid fashion items or outfits. Some of them may be featured in this very corner in the future!

Theme: A new hairstyle
We received a lot of creative hairstyles and accessories! Thank you very much for your participation.

① Item category

Item category

Left:[VRoid Hair Preset] Twin Braid x Glasses/【VRoidヘアプリセット】ツイン三つ編み×めがね

Right:[VRoid Hair Preset] Snap Bob & Dalmatian Decoration/【VRoidヘアプリセット】ぱっつんボブ&ダルメシアン耳飾り

②before/after category

before/after category

Check out the original work
Worn items:シニヨン&カールアップ プリセットデータ VRoidStudio向け - JunBE– SHOP

Check out the original work
Worn items:ゴシックパンクジャケット[2](男女兼用) VRoid用衣装テクスチャ - 墓守さんチーム

Check out the original work
Worn items:【無料版有】清楚系ショート【VRoid用ヘアプリセット】 - Hii’s closet.

The next theme is: makeup!

Next time’s theme is makeup! On VRoid, you can enjoy all sorts of makeup: from eyeliner-only looks, to vibrant lipsticks, to textures that change the very finish of the model’s skin and colored contacts. It’s hard to wear a full face of makeup now that we have to wear a mask everywhere we go: it’s the perfect chance to take it all out virtually, on your avatars!

“On VRoidSTYLE, we’re distributing digital stickers and this issue’s cover that you can use as a background.
We hope you’ll use them for your next creations!”
▶▶ Cover background: Download
▶▶ Digital stickers: Download

① Item category

  • Register your item to BOOTH with the #VRoidSTYLE tag.
  • You may also add the tags to items you have uploaded in the past.
  • The item must be created by you.
  • The item can be available both for free or for a fee.

② Makeup category

  • Post a photo of your avatar using makeup items on Twitter or VRoid Hub with the hashtag #VRoidSTYLE.
  • You can post both your own work and photos created with hair items by other creators.
  • Add credits to your work so that we can introduce the items used in the photo.

Deadline: February 10 (Wed)
If you submit your photo after the deadline has passed, we may still be able to feature in a future issue.
* Please note that this section may be published on an irregular basis for space reasons.
* The number of categories and works to be introduced is limited.

The next issue is scheduled to be released on February 20th (Sat). Stay tuned!

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