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Post a livestream or gameplay video using a VRM model for a chance to win a mocopi! Passpartout 2 × VRoid Hub: Let's Play Passpartout 2 Posting Campaign!

The drawing adventure game Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist will be released in April 2023. 

This game is partnering with VRoid Hub to allow players to set their own custom 3D avatar as the protagonist in Passpartout 2 using VRoid Hub. 

To commemorate this partnership, the VRoid Project is inviting VTubers and video creators to participate in the Passpartout 2 ×  VRoid Hub: Let's Play Passpartout 2 Posting Campaign!

・Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist: http://steam.gs/l/XHz4Z/vroid

・ VRoid Hub: https://hub.vroid.com/

Campaign Overview

To participate in this campaign, shoot a video of yourself playing Passpartout 2 with an original character. Eligible entries include live streams on YouTube or Twitch or videos posted on YouTube.

From among the eligible entries, one winner will be chosen by raffle to win the Sony mobile motion capture device "mocopi", while 10 more winners will receive a prepaid Steam gift card valued at 10,000 JPY (approx 75 USD)!

To enter, after finishing their live stream or posting their video, entrants are asked to submit the contest entry form with the following info:

  1. Video URL

  2. VRoid Hub My Page URL

  3. VRoid Hub link to the VRM model you used

View the contest entry form here!

*Eligible video URLs include YouTube Live links, YouTube video links, or Twitch archive URLs.

How to enter using VRoid Hub

  1. Select a custom VRM-format avatar you created yourself, or a model you created through a character creation tool such as VRoid Studio, and upload the model to VRoid Hub.

  2. Purchase "Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist" on Steam.

  3. Link to VRoid Hub through the Passpartout 2 Settings page

  4. Make sure that you've selected your preferred character, then start playing the game.

  5. Live-stream yourself playing Passpartout 2, and post an archive of your stream on a video-sharing site. When you post your video, make sure to note in the video description that you're entering the video in the Passpartout 2 × VRoid Hub partnership live-streaming campaign.

  6. Please carefully read through the campaign guidelines before filling out the entry form.

Q&A about eligible videos

Q. Do I need to be an active VTuber to post a video?

A. You do not have to be an active VTuber to post a video. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Q. Do I need to include credits in the video description or in the video itself?

 A. When you post your video, make sure to note in the video description or in the video itself that you're entering the video in the Passpartout 2 × VRoid Hub partnership live-streaming campaign. There is no specific required format.

Q. Can I enter the campaign using an avatar that I didn't create myself?

A. If you want to use a model for which someone else holds the rights, please check the terms of use for that model before participating. In the event that an entrant uses an avatar in violation of its terms of use, the burden of responsibility falls solely on the entrant.

Q. If I only found out about this campaign after I finished my stream/posted my video, am I still eligible to enter?

A. If your video shows you playing Passpartout 2 using the VRoid Hub linkage feature, it doesn't matter when you streamed or posted the video. Edit the video description or video title when you send in the entry form, to make it clear that you'd like to enter your video in the campaign.

Q. Can I enter a video for which the Twitch archive has already expired?

A. If your video is not viewable at the time of the lottery, you may not be eligible for entry in the lottery. Please either re-upload your Twitch archive to YouTube, or send in a URL of a digest or clip(s) that demonstrates the content of the video. (The lottery results are scheduled to be released at the end of May).

Logo links (please use when creating thumbnails, etc.)

Passpartout 2 logo: https://www.flamebaitgames.com/presskit/sheet.php?p=Passpartout%202

VRoid Hub logo: https://www.pixiv.co.jp/news/press-kit/#ピクシブプロダクトロゴ

*Please abide by each company's terms of use and guidelines when using product logos.

Campaign details


Passpartout 2 × VRoid Hub partnership live-streaming video campaign!

This partnership allows players to upload models of their choice from VRoid Hub to use as 3D avatars when they play Passpartout 2. 

Players who live stream or record themselves playing the game with an avatar from VRoid Hub can enter to win deluxe prizes. Anyone can enter the contest simply by filling out the entry form.


・ Sony mobile motion capture device "mocopi" (1 winner)・ 10,000 JPY (approx. 75 USD) Steam prepaid card (10 winners)

Entry period

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 - Monday, May 15th, 2023

How to Enter

Use the VRoid Hub linkage feature to play Passpartout 2, then fill out the entry form with the following three items of information. 

① A YouTube Live, YouTube video, or Twitch archive URL of you playing Passpartout 2 with the VRoid Hub linkage feature
② A VRoid Hub link to the VRM model you used
③ The URL for the "My page" for your linked VRoid Hub account

Points of note

・You can enter the contest with a Twitch archive URL, but most archives for regular users expire after 14 days, so take care with the deadline. If your video is not viewable at the time of the lottery (scheduled for the end of May), you may be disqualified. To extend the archive deadline for your video, you can either upgrade your account, or use the digest feature.

・If your VRM model violates the terms of use, your entry may be disqualified. Before submitting your entry, please carefully check the terms of use for the model you are using.

Lottery results

・Winners will be selected randomly by lottery.

・The contest management team will contact winners via the pixiv Messages feature, to the pixiv account they use to log in to VRoid Hub.

・While we're accepting participants from outside of Japan, please note that some of the prizes are Steam prepaid cards valued in Japanese yen. The value of your Steam prepaid card will automatically be converted into your local currency, but currency conversion fees may apply.

・We will not be able to answer any inquiries regarding the selection method or winners. 

・Winners will be contacted as soon as the prizes are ready. 


・Prizes may be subject to change without notice. 

・We will not be held liable for any damages suffered by participants or any third party as a result of this campaign.

・This campaign's content may be subject to change without notice, and the campaign may be canceled without notice.

・It is prohibited to sell, transfer, or exchange prizes or the right to receive them.

・pixiv employees and related parties are not eligible to participate. Even if they enter, their entries will be disqualified.

・Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. 

・Each participant is responsible for all communication fees, including packet fees.

・This campaign is held by pixiv Inc. Flamebait Games and Sony Corp will not respond to inquiries about this contest. Please contact us using the VRoid Contact form.

About the handling of personal information

pixiv Inc. will handle your personal information with care and use it to contact you for the prize drawing and delivery, as well as to prevent duplicate winners with other ongoing campaigns, and for marketing purposes (using anonymized statistical data). Thank you for your cooperation.

By entering this campaign, you agree to the above. For details, please check our Privacy Policy.

Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist

Release date: Wednesday, April 5th
Developer: Flamebait Games
Publisher: Flamebait Games
Genre: casual, indie, simulation
Price: 24.99 USD/24.99 EUR/3000 JPY
Supported platforms: Windows/Mac
Purchase (Steam): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1571100/Passpartout_2_T 

■About the VRoid project https://vroid.com/

The VRoid project is a 3D modeling software developed by pixiv Inc. to further the company’s mission of “building an exciting space for everyone to enjoy creative activities”.
Anyone can develop their own unique 3D character model, to enjoy the character creation process, and to use the character for creative activities and communication. VRoid’s mission is to unite the future of technology with the power of creativity.
VRoid developed VRoid Studio, 3D modeling software that allows users to create characters as if they were drawing illustrations. Currently, VRoid is working on a wide variety of projects centering on the VRoid Studio software, including smartphone apps where users can easily enjoy creating their own avatars, platforms where users can upload their 3D models, development kits for software partnerships, and international avatar fashion brands.