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A Collaboration with UNIQLO, Featuring their UT Collection Celebrating Mamoru Hosoda’s Animated Works. The virtual t-shirts will be available for free in VRoid Mobile, as well as a key visual collaboration!

Free Virtual T-Shirts from the Uniqlo UT Collection Celebrating Mamoru Hosoda’s Animated Works

We’re proud to announce the collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO, that will feature designs from Mamoru Hosoda’s animation movies, including this year’s release, the movie BELLE!

As a part of our collaboration with UNIQLO, six virtual t-shirts that are a part of the UT Collection will be available for free starting on July 16th (Fri) on VRoid Mobile, the smartphone app for creating and photographing 3D characters. Anyone who logs into VRoid Mobile will be able to get one of these virtual t-shirts!

We’re also collaborating on a key visual featuring “U”, one of the settings of the movie BELLE, with avatars wearing the UT Collection t-shirts! These avatars were created in VRoid Studio.
(About these avatars:https://vroid.com/en/news/01Bmo4hfA7HXRaxI1ovtl9

Dive into this virtual world wearing these UT t-shirts!

Featuring a Line-Up of Works Directed by Mamoru Hosoda!

T-shirt themes include “U”, a virtual world within the film BELLE with over 5 billion users, concept art of the film’s setting, and the enigmatic avatar “the Dragon”.
Other t-shirt motifs include Hosoda’s other works, such as the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, and the Boy and the Beast. Fans are sure to appreciate this line-up, packed with keys to the story.

Virtual T-Shirt Line-up(6 shirts in total)

  • BELLE T-shirt × 2

  • Summer Wars T-shirt × 2

  • The Boy and the Beast × 1

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time × 1

■Virtual T-Shirt Present Campaign Outline

Period: from July 16th, 2021 (Fri) 
 * Please note that it’s possible that distribution will end without notice. 
Line-up: 6 Virtual T-Shirts
How to Wear Them: Boot up VRoid Mobile and tap the T-shirt icon on the bottom portion of the home page. Select a virtual t-shirt from among the “Tops”, and then tap “Collect” in the upper right. You will then be able to wear the shirt.

■About the UT Collection Celebrating Mamoru Hosoda’s Animated Works

These collaboration shirts are a part of the UNIQLO graphic t-shirt brand UT celebrating Director Mamoru Hosoda’s Animated Works.

On sale: July 16th, 2021 (Fri)
Sales locations: UNIQLO branches throughout Japan and online

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