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The First VRoid Virtual Fashion Design Contest is Underway!

Thank you for always using VRoid.

From Monday, December 27th, 2021 to Monday, January 31st, 2022 we will be holding the first ever virtual fashion design contest on VRoid.

This will be the first official virtual fashion design contest on VRoid Hub; and your outfits will be the stars!

Use VRoid Studio’s models A, B, and C as fashion models, and make them wear your original designs! Post them on to VRoid Hub and use the hashtag to take part in the event!

There are awesome prizes for all winners, and the opportunity to get your design turned into real clothes!

Winners get to take home awesome prizes to help them in 3D creations, like pen tablets and devices for digital drawing. Special prize winners will also see their creations come to life as real clothes and get to wear them! How will you feel wearing something that -you- designed?!

Furthermore, your beloved magazine, “VRoid STYLE”, will come back with a special issue for this contest, presenting some of the winning creations!

Add the hashtag #VirtualFashionContest and post your creations on VRoid Hub!

① Use sample models A, B, or C as fashion models and make them wear an outfit you created on the stable version of VRoid Studio.

② Upload the model to VRoid Hub with the hashtag #VirtualFashionContest.

Check the contest page to learn more about how to participate.

This winter, how about trying your hand at virtual fashion design?

We’re looking forward to seeing your creations on VRoid Hub!