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VRoid Hub introduces Photo Booth for animation playback! "VRM Animation (.vrma)" now listed on BOOTH, plus 7 free animation files!

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We're excited to announce the official release of VRM Animation (.vrma), a new animation format compatible with the VRM (.vrm) 3D character model format.
Here are three important updates about VRM Animation:

① The Photo Booth feature, supporting VRM Animation, is now available on VRoid Hub.
② The subcategory "3D Motion/Animation" has been added to BOOTH, allowing for the listing of .vrma files.
③ A set of 7 VRM Animation files is being given away for free on BOOTH.

① “Photo Booth" Lands on VRoid Hub with VRM Animation!

The "Photo Booth" on VRoid Hub lets you take photos and videos of your character models.
If you have VRM Animation files, you can upload them using the "Load .vrma File" button and apply various animations to your character.

Access the "Photo Booth" through the camera icon on your character model page.

From the buttons on the left, you can adjust facial expressions, background color, frame visibility, and shooting size to create your ideal photos and videos.

The Photo Booth allows you to play both preset and custom animations (.vrma). It's great for checking how your models move.

The "Check BOOTH" button links to the 3D Model > 3D Motion/Animation > VRMA page, where you can explore animations by various creators.

② "3D Motion/Animation" Added as a New BOOTH Subcategory!

"3D Motion/Animation" is now a part of BOOTH's 3D Model category, allowing creators to share and sell their VRM Animation files (.vrma).
Don't forget to use the "3D Motion/Animation" subcategory and the #VRMA tag when listing your files on BOOTH.

③ Get 7 VRM Animation Files for Free on BOOTH!

At the VRoid Project's official shop on BOOTH, we are distributing 7 types of animations, registered in the VRoid Hub Photo Booth, in VRM Animation file (.vrma) format for free.

These VRM Animation files can be immediately used in the VRoid Hub Photo Booth for photos, videos, and testing your model's movements.

▼ List of motions
VRMA_01 Show full body
VRMA_02 Greeting
VRMA_03 Peace sign
VRMA_04 Shoot
VRMA_05 Spin
VRMA_06 Model pose
VRMA_07 Squat

* Please review the terms of use on the BOOTH product page before using these files.

Start Creating VRM Animations!

VRM Animation is a new format released in February 2024, and many tools and plugins for creating VRM Animations have already been released.

* These tools and plugins are developed by volunteers. As the VRM Animation specs have only recently been published, they might reference older versions.

We encourage you to create and share your own character animations!

The VRoid Project is dedicated to developing more 3D character-based content for everyone to enjoy.