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"CLCT" Part 3 - Releasing "CLCT for DRESS" a metaverse collection of apparel items & topics!

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pixiv Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Kunieda, hereafter referred to as pixiv) will be hosting "CLCT for DRESS", their third 3D creation support project, starting on Monday, October 3rd, 2022.

3D models of fashion items designed for use in the metaverse will be added for free to the character creation software "VRoid Studio".

In addition, a topic page will be opened on the creator's market BOOTH to introduce fashion items for 3D avatars sold by creators.

Get the latest version of VRoid Studio to download these items: https://vroid.com/studio
Check out the "3D Fashion Dress Topic" on BOOTH: https://booth.pm/topics/CLCT_dress

"CLCT for DRESS" Promotional Video

Key Visual

Illustrator: Kisumi Rei

Items Overview

The third theme is DRESS.

To go with the theme of black and white, we've added seven hairstyles that can freely be used as a modeling base and 15 fashion items including frilly dresses, blouses, camisoles, skirts, jackets, and pants.
These items can be altered to match the VRoid Studio parameters of your own avatar, and you can freely add patterns using the paint tool.

BOOTH's Topic Page

At the same time, BOOTH will host the "3D Fashion DRESS Topic presented by CLCT", highlighting 3D avatar fashion that fits the theme of dressing up. Please take this chance to enjoy the world of 3D creation with different creators' designs you can use in various metaverse services.

About CLCT

"CLCT (Collect)" is a project launched in response to the growing global demand for metaverse and 3D avatar models and to support creators around the world who are looking to venture into 3D modeling through various services provided by pixiv Inc.

This year marks the 4th year since the release of the character creation software VRoid Studio. We have released over 100 free fashion items in total as of the July 2022 collection. 3D models created using these items can be used as avatars in the metaverse, in games, in app development, and for a variety of other purposes, including both individual and corporate, commercial and non-commercial use.

Producer/Creative Director: Itopoid
Illustrator: Kisumi Rei
Fashion Item Designer/Modeler: Kano Ninagawa
Hair Item Designer/Modeler: Mochi VirtualRabbit
Creative Designer: Reku
3D Motion Director: hinzka
Videomaker: Roly