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🎃3D model posting event "Halloween Costume Challenge" presented by VRoid Hub is underway!🦇

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To celebrate the recent release of VRoid Studio for iPad, we're holding a 3D model posting event, "Halloween Costume Challenge".
Halloween night. A night when mysterious magic takes flight.
Pumpkins, ghosts, sweets… or anything else you like! Use your magic to create the perfect Halloween costume, and post it to VRoid Hub!

Contestants who post entries between Friday, September 29th and Monday, November 6th, 2023 will be entered in a lottery to win an iPad Air + Apple Pencil bundle, or Amazon gift code as a prize!

What's a fashion design contest?

VRoid Hub sponsors fashion design contests where you can post 3D models wearing original outfits, designed/styled by you.

For Halloween this year, why not create a Halloween costume for your avatar, or design a new original 3D character with an original Halloween costume? We're waiting to see everyone's new designs.
You can use any type of modeling software, paint software, or clothing design tools you like to create your 3D model. So long as your model is VRM format and can be uploaded to VRoid Hub, it's fine if you didn't design your model using VRoid Studio. You can also enter 3D models that you built from scratch.

For this contest, you can of course use original 3D models and fashion items, as well as items you commissioned or purchased, or you can use your favorite avatar you already use as a model.

How to enter

① Dress up your model according to the Halloween theme
② Save your dressed-up model in VRM format, and upload the model to VRoid Hub
③ Add the hashtag #CC_Halloween, and publish your model data

For details on how to participate, check the event page.

We're waiting to see your totally unique Halloween fashion sense!