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Feature to change 3D costumes on built-from-scratch avatars to use in VRChat under development!

Thank you for using VRoid. 

The VRoid team is developing a VRoid Studio feature that will allow you to change outfits on built-from-scratch 3D avatars to be used in VRChat.

This new feature is currently in beta trial, and we are inviting members of our community to try it in advance.

■ Easily change outfits on your favorite models built from scratch

Many VRoid Studio items, including 3D props and costumes, are available for sale on BOOTH, pixiv's affiliate creators' marketplace.
However, in the versions of VRoid Studio up till now, costumes could not be changed in any file format other than .vroid.

This new VRoid Studio feature enables 3D costume data to be loaded into VRoid Studio in the original formats, which allows you to change the costume on your models built from scratch.

You will also be able to export your models in a VRM or a format that can be used in VRChat and other external services. 

[Feature details]

1. Change model data with the Unity Editor expansion pack
You can change your VRChat avatar data and costume data to the original VRoid Studio formats.

2. Import of original file format data and VRM files
You can upload the original file format data and VRM files to VRoid Studio.
Once you have uploaded avatar data or VRW data with outfit data to VRoid Studio, you can start editing right away.

3. Fitting feature
You can also fit different costumes to suit models with different body types. 

  • The auto-fitting feature allows you to automatically fit an outfit to suit the model's body type.

  • You can move, expand/contract, and rotate the bones.

  • You can reversibly edit the mesh of your model.

  • You can create animation without leaving the editing page.

4.Export VRChat data and VRM files 
You can change the costume on your model, and then export your model as data for VRChat or as a VRM file.

We hope you will enjoy this New feature!
This is why we have created an application list (waiting list) for this beta trial.
Please apply by filling out the form linked here. 

▼ Apply for the beta trial

We will continue to expand the 3D modeling options and features we offer, in order to meet the needs of the members of our creative community. 
Thank you very much for your support.