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[VRoid Hub] You can now link BOOTH items to your character models!

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As of today's release, creators can display BOOTH items (merch on sale at the virtual indie marketplace BOOTH) they used on their character models on VRoid Hub.

  • When you link an item from BOOTH to one of your character models, that item's info will display on the model's page and it'll be easy for visitors to go check it out on BOOTH.

  • When a character is wearing a linked BOOTH item, that will display as a badge, making it easy for people to see which models are wearing linked items.

  • When searching for models, one can now filter the search to only models with BOOTH items.

How to link a BOOTH item to a character

You can register any BOOTH item your character is wearing from the model's details page.

Click on the + button below "BOOTH items in use" to open the pop-up menu for registration. After you've input the URL for the item you wish to link, select the appropriate category.

About BOOTH items on models' pages

Linked BOOTH items' details will be displayed with a thumbnail pic on character models pages. By clicking on the thumbnail, visitors are able to jump to the BOOTH item's page and purchase it.

About the badge on the models' thumbnail pics 

The categories you set for the BOOTH items will be displayed below the model's thumbnail pic on VRoid Hub's home page and the search results page. If you do not set any categories, no badge will be displayed.

Furthermore, people can now filter their search by models with BOOTH items.

Whether they're looking for 3D characters or just some new outfits, linking BOOTH items to your models makes it easier for people to find them. Try this new feature yourself!