VRoid Studio Guidelines

VRoid Studio is a 3D character maker program that lets you use your imagination to easily create your own original characters.

These guidelines are based on the VRoid Studio Terms of Use and detail the use of created models and VRoid Studio itself.
Additional addendums will be added so users can safely use the characters they create.

Your models are yours to use freely

The copyrights for avatars created on VRoid Studio belong to you, the creator.

However, if your model contains intellectual property (such as items or textures) that were created by either pixiv Inc. (referred to as "pixiv" below) or otherwise other creators, the copyrights for that intellectual property do not belong to you.

If your model contains intellectual property belonging to pixiv or other creators, please observe the conditions of use and licensing for each IP's use.

That said, when you use VRoid Studio to create your own avatars, textures, etc, pixiv wants you to be able to use your creations freely for all kinds of purposes.

Even with regards to other data that pixiv may hold the rights to, the VRoid Studio Terms of Use are fundamentally written to be broad and account for a wide variety of purposes and uses. You can sell data and use it for commercial purposes, regardless of whether you're an individual or corporate body.

Please read through the following carefully and keep your usage in line with what's detailed.

  1. When using the work of other creators

    As an example, if you're using data that another creator holds the rights to, such as textures you've purchased, you will need to abide by that data's license and conditions of use.

    pixiv not only respects your individual rights as a creator, but also respects the rights of other creators.

  2. When using data that has a special clause written in the license

    Because VRoid Studio is an intuitive program with plenty of expressive power in character making, it boasts a wide variety of items. It's possible that there are some items offered with usage restrictions.

    If you see special licensing terms in VRoid Studio, please observe those specific terms. Even when using a sample model or included textures, please refer to the sample model's conditions of use.

    Outside of situations when other special licensing terms are displayed, you can sell data and use it for commercial purposes, regardless of whether you're an individual or corporate body. For more details, please refer to Article 11 of VRoid Studio Terms of Use.

  3. When creating character making tools

    You cannot use VRoid Studio to create an application that can deform meshes and/or can create 3D models like avatars and items by combining meshes and/or textures.

    If you'd like to create an application with these sorts of functions, it is necessary for you to accept a separate license from pixiv. However, if a program of this nature is only intended for use by you yourself, then this restriction is not in place.

    Please contact us if you'd like an application creation license. It's possible that we may decline granting you a license. Thank you for your understanding.

Use of VRoid Studio Outside of Its Purpose

Using VRoid Studio for anything other than creative output is prohibited.

However, you can use the software in the following circumstances.

  1. Use for education purposes at an educational institution by an instructor or a student
  2. Use for streaming either your creative process or for making How-To tutorials
  3. Use for showcasing what drawing tablets, PCs and other electronic devices are capable of using the software normally for the purpose of sales (essentially showing customers so they can select the right device for themselves)
  4. Use in other situations our company consents to

    For example, it's possible to use VRoid for steaming both online and offline, to hold lectures while using VRoid Studio, to sell instructional books explaining how to use VRoid Studio, etc.
    However, please refrain from creating any publication or video production that leads people to believe it was created in a collaboration with VRoid Studio or pixiv Inc., that gives people the impression it is supported or backed by pixiv Inc., or misguides people into believing it's an official product from pixiv Inc.

Prohibited conduct with VRoid Studio

The following are examples of conduct that are prohibited on pixiv.

For more details, please see Article 5 of VRoid Studio's Terms of Use.

  1. Conduct that violates laws, public morals, the general Terms of Use, or the specific Conditions of Use
  2. Conduct that pixiv determines to be violating the rights of others
  3. Conduct such as reproducing VRoid Studio to sell to third parties
  4. Conduct such as distributing VRoid Studio to third parties without express permission from pixiv, regardless of whether it's with compensation
  5. Conduct involving parsed code, such as reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling the program

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