VRoid Studio Guidelines

VRoid Studio is a 3D character creation program that lets you use your imagination to easily create your own original characters.

These guidelines are based on the VRoid Studio's Terms of Use and detail the use of created models and VRoid Studio itself.

Additional addendums will be added so that creators can safely use the characters they make.

Important points when creating and using models only using content provided by pixiv Inc.

The copyright and other rights for textures and hair meshes you created from scratch on VRoid Studio or other tools belong to you, the creator.

However, model mesh, clothing mesh, and other preset items included with VRoid Studio are all content provided by pixiv Inc. (henceforth "pixiv").

The contents provided by pixiv are created with the cooperation of various creators, and we believe that pixiv shouldn't completely waive their rights.

All content provided by pixiv, including the base models when creating a new avatar, is not CC0.

In accordance with VRoid Studio's Terms of Use, pixiv retains the copyrights and other rights to the data pixiv provides and licenses said content so that you can use it for as wide a range of purposes as possible.

Please read through the following conditions and examples carefully and use the software within the bounds of the license.

  1. When using data that has no special clauses written in the license

    Any individual or corporation may sell or use for commercial purposes any mesh, texture, or preset item provided by VRoid Studio, including models, clothing items, and accessories, provided that no special clauses are indicated in the license.

    For example, you can use the data as follows:

    • You can use the model data exported from VRoid Studio for live streaming or for-profit appearances in shows.
    • You can sell the model data exported from VRoid Studio.
    • You can edit and use the model data exported from VRoid Studio using software other than VRoid Studio.
    • You can sell the data created by modifying preset items, as long as those preset items have no special clauses written in the license.
    • You can use images and videos of models created with VRoid Studio and generate profit from videos, books, printed materials such as posters and cards, goods such as acrylic keychains and T-shirts, games, applications, software, collections of materials, websites, icons for SNS, etc.
    • You can commission or accept commissions for models and items created with VRoid Studio, either for a fee or free of charge.
    • You can create figures using the model data exported from VRoid Studio, and they may be sold for profit.
    • Instructors or students can use it for educational purposes at an educational institution.
    • You can profit from publishing VRoid Studio operations and techniques in live streams, books, blogs, lectures, etc.
    • You can use it to showcase drawing tablets, PCs, and other devices for the purpose of sales.

    For more details, please see Article 11 of the VRoid Studio's Terms of Use.

  2. When using data that has a special clause written in the license

    In order to make VRoid Studio an intuitive program with plenty of expressive power in character creation, a wide variety of items are included within the software. Some of these items will have limitations placed upon their use.

    When using items that display special licensing terms, please observe those specific terms. Even when using a sample model or included textures, please refer to the sample model's conditions of use.

  3. When creating character creation tools

    You cannot create an application that can generate or output 3D models, avatars, or items consisting of deformed or combined meshes and textures that were created in VRoid Studio.

    If you'd like to create an application with these sorts of functions, it is necessary for you to receive a separate license from pixiv. However, if a program of this nature is only intended for use by you yourself, then you do not require a separate license from pixiv.

    Please contact us if you'd like an application creation license. It's possible that we may decline granting you a license. Thank you for your understanding.

Important points concerning the use of work created by creators other than yourself

pixiv not only respects your individual rights as a creator but also respects the rights of other creators.

If you're using data that another creator holds the rights to, such as textures you've purchased, you will need to abide by that data's license and conditions of use.

Use of VRoid Studio outside its purpose

Using VRoid Studio for anything other than creative output is prohibited.

However, you can use the software in the following circumstances.

  1. Use for educational purposes at an educational institution by an instructor or a student
  2. Use for streaming either your creative process or for making How-To tutorials
  3. Use for showcasing what drawing tablets, PCs, and other electronic devices are capable of using the software normally for the purpose of sales (essentially showing customers so that they can select the right device for themselves)
  4. Use in other situations our company has consented to

For example, it's possible to use VRoid for streaming both online and offline, to hold lectures while using VRoid Studio, to sell instructional books explaining how to use VRoid Studio, etc.

However, please refrain from creating any publication or video production that leads people to believe it was created in collaboration with VRoid Studio or pixiv Inc., that gives people the impression it is supported or backed by pixiv Inc., or misguides people into believing it's an official product from pixiv Inc.

Conduct prohibited on VRoid Studio

The following are examples of conduct that is prohibited on pixiv.

For more details, please see Article 5 of the VRoid Studio's Terms of Use.

  1. Conduct that violates laws, public morals, the general Terms of Use, or the specific Conditions of Use
  2. Conduct that pixiv determines to be violating the rights of others
  3. Conduct such as reproducing VRoid Studio to sell to third parties
  4. Conduct such as distributing VRoid Studio to third parties without express permission from pixiv, regardless of whether it's with compensation
  5. Conduct involving parsed code, such as reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling the program

Edited December 21st, 2023

VRoid is a trademark or registered trademark of pixiv Inc. in Japan and other countries/regions.