Bringing 3D contents creation to
the whole world.

pixiv is based on the philosophy of “building an exciting space for users to enjoy creative activities” and aims to create a world where everyone can participate in creative activities and enjoy them. The VRoid Project aims to deliver an environment where everyone can have their own 3D characters and enjoy creating works using those characters as well as interacting in a VR/AR space.

3DCG, which was once handled only by movie production studios, is now being used to create content that we're all familiar with, such as anime and smartphone games.

As the demand for creators who can work with 3D content increases, the supply has not caught up yet. In the future, with the expansion of VR and AR, 3D works will become even more common and the demand for 3D creators is expected to further increase.

We want anyone to be able to create 3D content.

We want to use the power of technology to support those imaginative creators who already mastered expressive abilities in the new challenge that is 3D content creation.

This is the core concept of the VRoid project.

By making your 2D characters able to move in a 3D space and using them for anime and game production, your creative range will greatly expand.

The VRoid Project has started with the hope that many creators will have fun exploring the different possibilities of 3D and that this will bring to the creation of many marvelous works, resulting in an increase in the number of creators able to handle 3D.

So far, pixiv has been supporting 2D creative activities such as illustrations, manga, and novels. With the VRoid Project, we will continue to provide services that support 3D creative activities as well.