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The VRoid Project Concept Movie “Your Story” is Here!

VRoid Project’s products are developed with the specific goal to ‘make 3D content creation accessible to anyone’, and the stable version of VRoid Studio is a clear example of that.This concept movie embodies that message and shows the future we are looking forward to creating together with our community.



Characters’ stories, their creators’ backgrounds, and VRoid Studio’s 3D models all come together in this lively animated movie.

Characters you created can be protagonists of a ‘story’.
And then there’s you, living your own ‘story’.
In a future where 3D avatars and the metaverse are commonplace, you — the creator — will be able to live and travel freely like a character in a story, and maybe even draw the world itself with your own hands.

The title "Your Story" expresses our hope for a new future of creation.

We hope you can appreciate this as a thank you, to all our supporters!

Producer - Director / Akihiro Ito (itopoid)
Video Production /yama_ko
Motion Designer / Nagisa Miyagawa
Technical Director / Hikaru Hayashi
Graphic Designer / Takayuki Kitamura 
Production Assistants / Sota Matsumoto, Kenta Hanatani, Koharu Shimizu