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The motion-capture device ー "mocopi" is partnering with VRoid Hub! It is now possible to use mocopi with models registered on VRoid Hub.

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The 3D character modeling platform VRoid Hub, operated by pixiv Inc. (Office: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Kunieda), is announcing a new partnership with the mobile motion capture device "mocopi", produced by Sony Corporation (Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kimio Maki). (*1)(*2)

・VRoid Hubhttps://hub.vroid.com/en

・mocopi product Japanese website https://www.sony.jp/mocopi/

Using mocopi and a smartphone (*3), creators can easily create avatar videos or produce motion-capture data without the need for a large-scale production studio. With mocopi, it was already possible for creators to upload VRM files to use their own original 3D models, but the new partnership with VRoid Hub makes using original models even easier. Creators can not only use their own original models, but also models created by other users (*4) that have been registered on VRoid Hub.

(*1) Currently only sold in Japan. The technology is scheduled for deployment outside of Japan in the near future.

(*2) Currently available exclusively on iOS. Android release is scheduled in the near future.

(*3) Please check the mocopi Japanese website to check which smartphone models are compatible with the device. (https://www.sony.jp/mocopi/)

(*4) Only models authorized for use by third parties can be used with mocopi. Depending on the terms of use settings for a linked model, it might not be supported by certain applications.

About mocopi

The motion-capture device "mocopi" is a proprietary technology that uses small, lightweight sensors and a smartphone (via a dedicated app) to allow creators to upload motion-capture data in real-time to motion capture or VR (virtual reality) software. The technology enables easy production of avatar videos or motion capture data including full-body movement indoors and outdoors. It also serves as a motion-input device, allowing users to operate avatars in real-time.

To learn more, see below.

mocopi product Japanese website: https://www.sony.jp/mocopi/

Product video URL: https://youtu.be/ovHHpralCD8

* “Sony” and all other product names, service names, and logos appearing in this article are registered trademarks of Sony Group Corporation and affiliate companies.