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A Huge Thank-You to all our fans across the globe! The infographic “VRoid by the numbers: VRoid and the global avatar scene” is now public!

Thank you for using VRoid.

To fully express our gratitude towards the community that's supporting VRoid from various regions, we've created a series of infographics, “VRoid by the numbers”, for everyone to see.

Most people might be aware of the increasing demand for virtual content, such as the growing hype around VTubers. This was already a trend, but it was made even stronger by the pandemic.

The VRoid Project has been growing too, overcoming not only geographical distances, but language barriers too. Today, we wish to present some of that data.

This is the first time for us at the VRoid Project to publish this kind of data, so we hope you'll appreciate it.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the numbers!

VRoid by the numbers: VRoid and the global avatar scene!

The VRoid Project made its first public appearance back in 2018, with the release of the first beta version of VRoid Studio, a 3D character maker software, and VRoid Hub, a platform for the community to share their creations. With the smartphone app VRoid Mobile following the year later, VRoid confirmed its presence as multiplatform, and in both English and Japanese.

Today, 3 years after launch, about 90% of the community is international. A fact that we very much take pride in. This data really has us appreciate how our community is enjoying 3D creations and the latest 3D trends regardless of language and region.

Among all our products, VRoid Studio is definitely experiencing the bigger growth, with the Japanese community doubling and the international one tripling over the last two years.

We are proud to see that our VRoid Studio is receiving so much love from the whole world.

We're amazed to see that our community has created over 1 million avatars! You could also say that VRoid Hub is a city itself with a population this high!

While there are infinite activities one could involve avatars into, snapping selfies surely is the most appealing, and easy to share with the community. VRoid Mobile is helping people take over 200k pictures per month by providing users with the ability to customize their avatars, providing new backdrops, adding filters, and much more!

How did you find our infographic VRoid by the numbers: VRoid and the global avatar scene? Did any of the data surprise you?

Please let us know what you think of this data, and any other questions/comments you might have, on Twitter (#VRoid) and via our inquiry form. (Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!)

At VRoid, we strive every day to bring you the best 3D-creative experience and help you realize your projects.