3D Character Creation Software
3D Modeling, for Everyone!
3D Modeling, for Everyone!
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Create Original Characters on This Intuitive and Highly Adaptable Software Easy to Use for Everyone!
Easy for Beginners too
You can start creating right after download; with many ready-to-use preset items, you won’t need to create anything from scratch. You just need to pick items you like and adjust their parameters!
Express Yourself
Not only is 3D modeling on VRoid Studio as easy as drawing on paper, but this software also gives you total freedom to express your originality, customizing minor features down to the finest detail.
Free to Use
VRoid Studio is free to use for anyone. It’s super-easy to set up, as you just need to download it, and then you’re good to go. Models you create on VRoid Studio are yours to use freely on many different platforms and services.
Customize Your Model’s Body However You Like
Many Customizable Items
Facial features, hairstyles, outfits, and every other preset item is customizable in shape, color, design, and much more via intuitive sliders.
Edit your Model Directly, in Real-time
Models are customizable in many ways, and you can check each edit in real-time. Little by little, anyone can design their ideal model.
Combine Templates to Design New Outfits
You can start designing your original outfits by selecting one of the many available templates and editing it. You can also overlay and combine more templates for the perfect silhouette.
Templates vary from the basics to various arrangements.
You can also overlay more outfits to get the perfect result. Once you get the hang of how to shape the silhouette, start combining more outfits into one, or simply overlay them for a multi-layered look.
Accessorize with Just One Click
Glasses and Furry Ears
Have your model wear glasses, or even rabbit or cat ears! New accessories will be coming in the later updates.
Editable Parameters and Textures
With more than 10 dedicated parameters, freely customize shape, size, and even the smaller details! Use original textures and create your best design so far.
Design Textures with the Pen Tool
The texture editor supports pen tablets and is pressure-sensitive. You can also divide your design into more layers! Draw directly on the 3D model, or on the UV texture to see your creation display in real-time on the 3D preview.
Drawing 3D Hair is as Easy as Drawing on Paper
Create new chunks of hair with a single stroke, and later edit them to your liking through the parameters. Hair is customizable in infinite ways, and you can set hair bounce individually for each hair chunk.
Your Models are Yours to Use Freely
You can set your own terms of use for the data of every model, texture, item, etc you create on VRoid Studio, specifying if you give permission for commercial use, credits, etc. Every model is exportable as VRM files and uploadable to apps that support the format. * When using the data for models created by pixiv or third parties, please be sure to follow the terms of use and licensing conditions.
Create, Connect, Expand
You can upload models you created to VRoid Hub, letting the community view them and send their appreciation. Characters uploaded to VRoid Hub can also be called up in various integrated games and platforms!
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Download for free
Read the Terms of Use and Privacy policy before downloading.
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Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11
Intel Core i5 6th gen or later AMD Ryzen 5 3rd gen or later
Intel Iris Graphics 540 or higher
10 GB available space
macOS 11
Year model
2015 models or later
Intel Core i5 6th gen or later
10 GB available space
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