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VRoid Studio Stable ver. Release Date, Models Customization Improvements, and Conversion feature

Thank you for using VRoid.

Lately we've been receiving much warm support as we've introduced some of the new features available in the Stable Release for VRoid Studio, such as furry ears and glasses, and the possibility to overlay outfits.

VRoid Studio aims to be a program able to satisfy the needs of beginners looking for a 3D avatar, and experienced designers who enjoy customizing their models to the utmost and pay attention to the details.

Today, we would like to introduce you the Conversion feature, for models you created on the Beta version, and talk about the release date for the software.

How the models are evolving in the Stable Version

1. Face parameters are now unisex
Up until now, face parameters were divided by gender. Now, they have now merged into a single parameter set, making it easier to give your model masc or fem features. You can change every face component individually, giving you virtually infinite possibilities!

2. More face components and parameters

We really focused on presenting more and more customizable parameters in this version. Eyes and nose shape, contour lines, neck thickness, and many more customizable features await you!

Furthermore, you will have way more control over the facial features now that the face components have grown from 7 to 16.

As for new additions on the Body editor, you will find Neck as a new category in this new release, and we're planning to come up with more categories and parameters in future updates.

Unfortunately, it will be hard to develop every single request, but we definitely take everyone's opinion into consideration. Please let us know if you have any special requests.

3. Other adjustments that will help you create the perfect model

  • We added a few dozen preset items.

  • A new item is saved each time you customize a preset item. This lets you keep editing later, while still having the original available. Furthermore, custom items can be shared among characters, as they are saved onto VRoid Studio, and not onto the model itself.

  • We divided hair into smaller components such as Front, Back, Side, etc. making it easier to select and add presets.

  • You can now edit base hair and highlights textures.

  • Many more new items, such as accessories and outfits to overlay. We are planning on adding 3accessories upon release: glasses, cat ears, and bunny ears, but we definitely have more in store for the future. 

  • We made other minor fixes for which we received feedback in the past, such as the UV display of sleeves textures for the School Uniform outfits.

About the Conversion feature for models created on Beta versions

As mentioned above, there are many new features we can't wait for you to try out in the Stable Version.

In order for those features to apply to your older models as well, we came up with a Conversion feature for characters created on Beta versions to be customizable on the Stable version too.

This feature allows you to load older models by automatically converting their .vroid data to the format supported by the latest release.
* Files will not change in any way if you choose not to use this feature.

The components that the Conversion feature will change are as follow:
・Body, Face, Hairstyle, Outfit parameters
・Outfit, Body, Facial skin texture (to fit the new model format)
* Layers will keep the same order and design even after conversion.

The dev team is working hard to make conversion go as smoothly as possible, but please keep in mind that there is the possibility that some parts of the facial skin or outfit could experience some pixel misalignment.

On the Stable version of VRoid Studio, we plan to integrate the latest version of MToon as well, in order to deliver the best quality of VRM files. For this reason, the shading on the character (the Rim Light you set) might display differently after conversion. Similarly, the color base will change from Gamma to Linear.

We know how much effort you have put into creating your models on the Beta versions, and we are terribly sorry to have to ask you to go through part of that fuss once again. Please understand that we are doing what's in our power and we deemed this as the best option we have in order to deliver our best product.

About the release date of VRoid Studio Stable ver.

The release of the stable version for VRoid Studio is currently planned for the end of October 2021, as we are currently working on the last details and running debug sessions. Please understand that the release date may change. Keep following us for more updates.

We will continue working hard to bring you the best official release we can. In the meantime, please keep supporting us!

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