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[VRoid Hub] You can now view outfits and altered models that include BOOTH items!

Thank you for using VRoid Hub. With today's release, we've added a feature allowing you to browse other models who are using BOOTH items (merch on sale at the virtual indie marketplace BOOTH) that are linked to the character models you posted on VRoid Hub.

  • It's now easier than ever to check linked items previously released on BOOTH

  • You can now check at a glance how others are using your favorite BOOTH items

It's now easier than ever to view altered models and models rocking your favorite items!

VRoid Hub has a function that allows you to link a BOOTH item to a submitted model and display information about that item on the model detail page.
This function is used in a variety of ways, including the following, as a function that allows items used in models to be displayed in the "BOOTH items used" display area in link form.

  • Registering items that you create and sell yourself

  • Registering items purchased and used from the BOOTH store as credits

Under the item information, you can click on "Models wearing this" to display a list of models using the same BOOTH item.

On this page, you can view different customized models wearing this outfit, and examples of altered models.

The "Items Used" information can be found not only on the model detail page, but also by clicking on the red badge below the thumbnail of each model (e.g., "Costume", "Hairstyle", "3D Character") displayed on the search results page, etc, 3D Character"). A new "Models in Use" button has also been added to this screen, so please check the VRoid Hub to see how items you are interested in are being used.

*For information on how to link BOOTH items to the models you have submitted, please click here.

Share models created with software other than VRoid Studio and altered models too

You can register models created with software other than VRoid Studio, as long as the format is VRM.

Creators who can use different software to further edit their models and items can share them and link the BOOTH items they have edited.

*Make sure you check the license for the items you are using. In particular, when sharing items that do not allow redistribution, you should not allow download or usage by third parties such as other users.

Please send your feedback to Vroid Hub

Please send us feedback on how we can make it even more fun for you to play dress-up with your avatar!

We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature. Please also let us know if there are any difficulties you're having, or new features you'd like for your avatar or model. We value your opinions!